My name is Christina. My husband and I are the founders of Perpetual Travel. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 11th, 1960. I met my husband, Tim, in Melbourne, Florida, in November of 1982. We were married in May of 1983.

We have two children together. Alexander, our son, is in the Navy and lives in Texas, with his wife and three children. Our daughter, Sarah, is a writer. She just got married, last August, and lives in the Netherlands. I have an older daughter Andrea, who I placed for adoption when she was born. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her as an adult. She grew up in Austria and most recently came to visit us in Romania.

Tim and I both had opportunities to travel when we were younger. My father was in the military, and I lived in Japan and Colombia. Tim was also in the military and he had been to Europe and the Phillipenes. We talked about traveling together, one day, but with our jobs and raising kids, our trips were limited to the states, mostly in the East.Tim was a manager at the Postal Service, in Maine, for many years, and I worked as a teacher for Waldo County Head Start.

When Tim was offered early retirement in 2008, we were elated. We began to search the internet for a country that we could get residency in, and that had a low cost of living. We read that Ecuador was offering, a Pensioner’s Visa to foreigners.After a little more research, we decided to move with our daughter Sarah, to Quito, Ecuador. Sarah only needed one credit to graduate high school, which we learned she could complete online. At that point, our son was already in the military. We got us Residency Visas for Ecuador, but after living there for 18 Months, first, in Quito, then in Cuenca, we decided we wanted to travel in Europe. Sarah decided to stay in Ecuador for a while longer.

The first place we visited, in Europe, was Budapest, Hungary. We were there for three months, in the spring, and enjoyed walks in the woods, grand museums, beautiful architecture, and thermal baths. It was there, too, that I started reading “The Artist’s Way”, and began my new creative endeavor of sculpting fairies. Now, I buy my clay most anywhere in Europe, and I bring my sculpting tools everywhere we go.

We continue traveling in Europe, usually staying in a country for three months. We choose our destinations based on a few different factors, cost of living, climate, and what there is to do.

We have left the European continent a couple of times, to visit Africa and Central America. We went to Morocco for three months, thinking it would be a good climate for winter. We didn’t care for Essaouira, though. It was pretty but not very clean, and there wasn’t enough to do.

We’ve also been to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Neither of these places was quite up to the standard of living that we enjoy. Also, in Puerto Viejo, there is a lot of crime, and we just didn’t feel safe, after being robbed, in the middle of the night.

We do plan on traveling to more countries outside of Europe. We just haven’t decided where or when we want to go. Right now our plans are pretty well set until close to the end of the year. Read my blog to learn more about our adventures in Italy, Albania, Macedonia, and The Netherlands.

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