Though I am an avid reader and have always kept a journal, I felt like I was beginning my blog last year, with very little writing experience. I did, however, have a strong desire to share our perpetual travel experiences. As I wrote post after post, I began to really enjoy blogging, though I still didn’t know anything about acquiring followers. I wondered what other bloggers did to publicize their blogs. I decided to turn to Google and typed in Midlife Bloggers. That’s how I came to connect with Sue Loncaric, from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond and Leanne Le Cras, from Cresting the hill .  Simply put, these ladies have professional blogs, that inspire women, in midlife, to be their best selves. Sue and Leanne are also the administrators of the group called, midlife-share-love-link-party  Once I got linked up with their group, I got my blog out there for others to read, but I also made some great new connections with other bloggers who I have a  lot in common with. It’s been a very satisfying way to be a part of a community. 

I’ve read many blogs this month where the themes pertain to setting self-improvement goals for the year, through the choice of a word, phrase, or resolution. As I read the well thought-out goals of my fellow bloggers, I wondered, what goals could I work on as a perpetual traveler, that would help me be my best self? The first goal I chose is to be more tolerant. For me, this will mean not getting angry and frustrated when some countries are not run the same as the US, or when people don’t behave the way I think they should. I have to remember that I am privileged to be visiting these countries, and I should not expect them to be culturally the same when they haven’t had the same advantages as we’ve had in the US. The second goal is to be more adventurous. This might sound silly because just living the perpetual travel lifestyle is like one big adventure, but we want to step it up while we are traveling and see some places we ordinarily wouldn’t choose, or try some activities that might be out of our comfort zone.

Our next destination, that we’ll be going to in March, is Riga, Latvia. After Latvia, we have to do some non-Schengen countries, so we can save our Schengen time for visiting our daughter, this summer, in The Netherlands, when she’ll be having her first child. We still have more to see in Tbilisi, Georgia, though, so join me next time when I’ll be talking about our visit to the Art Palace, and the Georgian National Opera Theater, for the Nutcracker Ballet.

A Look Back At Last Year’s Destinations 




Republic of Georgia

Republic of Georgia

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