My husband and I have been perpetual travelers for about 7 years now. Last March, I decided to start a blog to share our experiences and to inspire people to give this lifestyle a try. I haven’t been blogging that long, so imagine my surprise and delight, when I got a message from My Fab Fifties Life, saying that she was nominating my blog for a Liebster award. I had never heard of this award, but as I read further, I discovered that it’s an award given to bloggers, by other bloggers, and by accepting the nomination, you agree to help promote other bloggers, by submitting a list of your own nominees. When I concluded my research, I felt honored to be nominated by one of my peers, at My Fab Fifties Life, since who recognizes the time, effort, and dedication, that goes into a blog, more than a fellow blogger. I connected with Laureen from My Fab Fifties Life when she wrote a piece for Sue Loncaric’s blog, Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond, called Thriving Without Fear- The courage to Live Happily. After reading Laureen’s post I couldn’t wait to subscribe to her blog, to read about the adventures of a couple, that was living the same perpetual travel lifestyle that we are. Laureen and her husband Arne are currently in South America and I encourage you to pop on over to My Fab Fifties Life and read about their exciting travel lifestyle.

Thank you again, Laureen, for the Liebster Award nomination.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog and include a link back to their blog in a post.
  2. Answer 10 questions asked by the nominator.
  3. Nominate other blogs with a fresh outlook and great content, then ask them 10 questions.
  4. Display the award logo in your post and list the rules associated with the award.

10 Questions asked by My Fab Fifties Life

1. How many sleeps until your next trip and where are you going?

We have been in The Republic of Georgia since last August, first in Batumi, and now in Tbilisi. In one week we’ll be taking a short trip from Tbilisi, to a small town called Mtskheta.

2. How old are you and what age were you when you realized travel was a fabulous way to live?

Since my dad was in the military when I was a child, we traveled all the time, and I hated it. It wasn’t until I was almost 50, and my husband was retiring and asked me to travel abroad, that I really got excited about it. Now that I’m 58, I can’t get enough of this travel lifestyle.


3. Thinking about your writing experience, what advice would you give to someone considering blogging as either a hobby or a career?

Do it if you are passionate about writing. It’s a great way to connect with other people who share the same interests. Try not to get caught up in how many views you get right off. Just try to enjoy the experience.

4. Shoes – oh girl how do you decide what shoes to pack?5

 Since we walk most everywhere the shoes I travel with must be well made and go with what I have in my wardrobe. I always keep a pair of running shoes and black pumps, with a moderate heel, for every day. Since we planned a longer stay, here in Tbilisi, I bought an extra pair off ankle boots for winter. I change my shoes out seasonally.

.Do you have any travel horror stories or near misses you would like to share to help others avoid the worst case scenario?

Banking issues can be a real problem while traveling. We have to call our bank in the States to put a travel notice in every time we go to a different country. Sometimes the travel notice is in-effective and we have to call the bank after we arrive. That’s not always convenient because there’s at least an 8 hour time difference between here and the States. An important thing that we’ve learned is to place the travel notice using our banks time zone, and also to carry extra Euros with us, since they can be exchanged in most any country. A couple of years ago we had our bank numbers stolen and we had to call the bank and have a new card sent. It took weeks. Since then, we opened a back-up account, in another state. 

6.Travel fatigue is a real thing (I know!), how do you deal with it and how do you explain it?

 Since traveling from one country to another can be exhausting, we limit the time on our primary mode of transportation to 4 hours in a day, since there’s always extra hours spent getting to and from our primary transportation site, as well as waiting in line at customs and check-ins. 

7.Favorite travel destination and why?

 My favorite travel destination is Budapest, Hungary. It was the first place we landed in Europe and I was in awe of the beautiful architecture and the magnificent green space. We got there at a magical time, in early March, when winter was ending, and the trees and flowers were just beginning to bud. I’ve traveled all over Europe since then, and it still holds a special place in my heart. 

8.Solo travel – do you? could you? would you? Why?

 No. I enjoy traveling and making memories with my partner. I’m not a person that likes to be alone and this lifestyle has enriched our relationship. 

9.Do you collect anything when you travel? (magnets, mugs, art, jewelry, shoes 🙂

I am an artist so I do tend to pick up art supplies, and Europe has some great art stores. I don’t buy souvenirs because I’m constantly traveling and don’t have the extra space to carry them. I like to take pictures of the places we’ve been, instead. 

10.Finally, what is one piece of advice you can share for successful travel and successful travel

Though the continuously traveling lifestyle may not be for everyone, if you are thinking about it, I recommend giving it a try. I’ve never been happier, living a life without being bogged down by stuff, and simply making memories, while experiencing different cultures. I find the blogging to be rewarding in itself, because it just authenticates everything we’re doing.

My Liebster Award Nominees

My 10 Questions for the Nominees are…

1. At what age did you give blogging a try?

2. What led you to this decision?

3. Do you think that you are creative? How do you use your creativity when writing a blog post? 

4. Is there a lot of planning that goes into a blog post?

5. Do you do a lot of research for a post?

6. Have you always enjoyed writing?

7. How do you decide what to write about?

8. Do you blog as a way to make money or is it strictly a hobby?

9. Has blogging become a passion for you?

10. Do you feel you need validation from people that follow your blog, or from how many likes you get?


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