When we first arrived in Dordrecht, it was very warm, and we realized that we needed to get some lighter weight clothing for the summer. The city has a very nice shopping area in the center and Tim was able to find some short sleeve shirts in one of the department stores.

After walking around town, in the heat, wearing my Italian leather pumps, I decided I would really like a pair of sandals. I found a beautiful pair of black leather, strappy sandals, with a chunky heel, made by a German company, at Mohr& Mohr Shoe Design. They were a bit pricey at 145.00 Euro, but since we walk a lot, living this lifestyle, I find that paying a little extra for a pair of shoes is really worthwhile. They last longer and are much more comfortable. We also found some great vintage stores here, that sell high quality, second-hand clothing. I bought a Valentino sweater from their Red Label line, for 30.00 Euro, and a beautiful white lace, applique blouse, by Karen Millen, for 27.00 Euro. A more extravagant purchase was an elegant, grey, flowy, net skirt that I found in a dancewear shop called Paraddy, in Rotterdam. At 90.00 Euro, I thought it was way too expensive, but Tim told me to try it on, and when he saw it on me, he insisted that we buy it.





These are my black leather strappy sandals.





Here I am wearing my Valentino sweater from their Red Label line.









Here I’m wearing a blouse by Karen Millen, and skirt from a dancewear shop called Paraddy, in Rotterdam.

During our first week here we were also looking for a gym. We first visited Basic Fit, but they didn’t accept cash and wouldn’t take a credit card from the US. Next, we tried a fitness center called David Lloyd. The center is on the upper floor of a mall and it had everything that we needed. It was supposed to be 50.00 Euro a month for each of us, but when we sat down with the salesman and had signed all the paperwork, he told us that there would be an additional 30.00 Euro membership fee. In addition to that, we would have had to pay for three months, up front, when we’d only be here for two. We decided to go back to searching the internet to see what else we could find, for gyms. We came across Anytime Fitness that is located in Zwindrecht. We visited the facility a couple of days later, and decided after talking to the manager, that it would be perfect for us. Just as the name implies, they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you just need your membership key card to get in. It’s got two floors with brand new equipment, climate control, and clean dressing areas. Most days there is a fitness trainer on duty, to answer questions about operating the equipment. Included in the cost of our membership, various types of fitness classes are offered and taught by qualified instructors. You can also take virtual classes in dance, or Yoga, anytime you want, in a large private room. Our membership at Anytime Fitness cost us 90.00 Euro each, for the months of June, and July, and we were given a free week in August. We are now in the routine of working out five days a week at Anytime Fitness. We take the water bus over to Zwindrecht at 10:30 in the morning, work out for a couple of hours, then go to the Albert Hein, there, for groceries, and return to Dordrecht on the 2:35 pm water bus.

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