One day, in late April, after a walk on the boardwalk, and breakfast at The Dublin restaurant, we went exploring the old town in Ohrid. Our first stop was the National Workshop for Handmade Paper, where we watched a demonstration of how paper is made. A screen is dipped into a mixture of cotton fibers and hardwood shavings. The pulp is lifted out by the screen and turned over on to a piece of cloth to dry. Later it is pressed into paper. We also had an opportunity to see how a print is made on the printing press.

Enjoy our video of the National Workshop for Handmade Paper

After our visit to the workshop, we walked further on the cobblestone street until we came to a shop that had a window display of jewelry made with the most exquisite pink stones, set in silver filigree. I had to go into this shop called Ukoeski Mitko Filigran and ask about these beautiful pink stones. The young woman was busy working on some jewelry pieces but stopped to speak with us. She told us about this ruby, that is found in marble and only mined in Macedonia. As an anniversary present, Tim helped me choose a traditional ring, with a round ruby, set in a silver filigree band. Tim bought it for me that day, but I’ll wait to wear it until our 35th wedding anniversary, on May 21st.

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