On April 10th, after working out at the gym, we went to Mece’s restaurant for dinner, and to celebrate the grand opening at their new location, next door. It was our first time seeing the new space and we were very impressed.

There is the main dining room, a bar, and a covered deck, with tables and chairs, for enjoying a meal outside.

The interior space consists of wood floors, elegantly decorated tables and chairs, and plenty of windows, along one wall, for taking in the view of the lake and mountains.

Along with the view of the lake and mountains, we often enjoy a spectacular sunset!

In one corner, there is a fireplace, and on the wall above is the bearskin rug that they brought from the old restaurant. The name Mece, which means bear, and is a nickname for the owner, is embedded into the stone, on the front of the fireplace.

The menu is the same, but when we received our stuffed chicken, tonight, it was smothered with cheese and mushrooms, tasted fresher, and was presented more eloquently, on new china, and garnished with bright red tomatoes, and crisp lettuce leaves.

On April 12th, our friend and driver Luco took us to The Bay of Bones Museum. The museum which is built on a wooden platform, and floats on the lake, is a replication of a prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement, built during the copper, bronze, and iron age, between,1200 and 600 BC. Each hut was made of sticks and mud, contained a mud fireplace, and a sleeping area with animal skin rugs. Some of the huts had weaving looms and some had two separate sleeping quarters for larger families. The village also contained large round huts with benches along one wall, for group gatherings. After we left the floating village, we climbed a stony path to a large, grassy, park area overlooking the lake. There were lots of individual covered picnic spots that had wood tables and benches. We decided it would be a great place to come back to and enjoy a full day outdoors.

Bay of Bones Museum

On April 19th, we had breakfast in the center then went looking for the five-star hair salon called Sener Ago, that we found on the internet. When we got there, there was a girl standing in the doorway, of the entrance to the salon. She was holding a dog, on a leash and talking to the owner of the salon. The two of them saw us waiting to enter, but ignored us. Finally, I opened the door to get their attention and asked the owner if he spoke English. He indicated that he spoke a little English. The girl said that she spoke English and would translate, for me that I wanted to find out how much he would charge, for a cut and color. He said to me, “I’m too busy”. No one else was even in the salon, nor did he ask when I wanted my hair done. I was a little discouraged but we continued walking through the center until we came upon Chopard Salon. We were welcomed by the owner, Stauislava Stauce. She told us that a cut and color was about 500 diner or 10 USD. You pay extra for the color, and since I Wanted Loreal, it cost another 13 USD. We thought that sounded very reasonable, and after explaining what else that I wanted to be done to my hair, I asked how much a pedicure was. When I found out that a pedicure was only 400 diner or 8 USD, I agreed to that as well. I was delighted that I got to sit in a massage chair while having my pedicure. I was very happy with the whole experience and I think my hair looks great! It felt like my Birthday with all the pampering I got, and when we got back to the hotel I had the unexpected pleasure of finding flowers by our door, from Daniella, our host.

Late in the afternoon, we got in our bathing suits, sat on the balcony, at our hotel, and drank a glass of wine. I was grateful for the umbrella because it was quite warm, and other than the daily exposure our faces get, these bodies haven’t been exposed to the sun in a while.

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