When we went back outside we went to look at the stone Baptismal Font, used to Baptise the disciples of  Saint Clement, who was believed to have designed and constructed the original church. As we were leaving, we noticed a large building that was still being worked on. We were told that when the building is complete, it will be a college of Theology.


Today we decided to visit Saint Panteleimon Church, which was built in the Byzantine style, in 1164, and was dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, the Patron Saint of Physicians. We took a leisurely walk up the hill, passing through now-familiar neighborhoods, towards the church. When we reached the church, we noticed a lot of ruins on the grounds, which we assumed were from previous churches, that had been built there. The existing church appears to be newer and built over an old church. On the floor, there were windows that you could see through to the old stonework, and on one wall there were fragments of original frescos.

Later, in the day, we stopped at a restaurant called Kaj Tahba Hog-Apym, in the old town of Ohrid, that serves traditional food. I finally got to have Musaka, again, a dish that I had tried in Albania. It’s like a pie, with a souffle topping, and ground beef and potatoes, underneath. It was delicious!

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