It was a beautiful, sunny day, in late March, and we decided to go into Ohrid to visit Samuel’s Fortress. At the turn of the century, the fortress was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire, during the rule of Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria. The walk up the hill, to the fortress, along a stone path, through a wooded area, was lovely. The fortress is massive and there are a lot of steep stairs that lead to the different turrets, but it’s worth the climb when you get to the top and experience the magnificent views of the lake and mountains.We went back down the hill, from the fortress, through the upper gate, towards the city center. The walk back was just as pleasant. We got to admire the view of Saint Panteleimon church from a distance, and we stopped to visit a quaint little chapel with a lovely garden and fountain. Tim said that if we find a minister, it might be the perfect place to renew our wedding vows, in May.

When we returned to the city center, we stopped at a small grocery and bought some strawberries and frozen vegetables.They do have a very nice open-air market in Ohrid, but they don’t have strawberries yet, and unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of utensils, at our hotel, to prepare fresh vegetables. I did buy a hot pink, Martha Washington, geranium plant, at the market because I like to have a plant, in each place that we stay. We also stopped at a few restaurants in the center, to check the menu prices, and decided we’d be better off having dinner at Mece’s, in Konjsko, where we live.

I guess our regular visits to Mece’s are appreciated by the staff because, after dinner, the waiter brought us each a slice of the most delicious, chocolate, caramel, and walnut cake we’ve ever had, and he said that it was on the house. As we were leaving, we stopped to chat with the staff, and to share with them a little about our Perpetual Travel lifestyle. They were amazed!

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