On March 15, we took a bus from Tirana, Albania to Struga, Macedonia. When our bus trip that was supposed to be three and a half hours, ended up being five an a half hours, we were grateful that the hosts, from our hotel, were still waiting for us, in Struga. We’re staying at a hotel Called Villa D&L, in the village of Konjsko, in Galichica National Park, about 5 miles outside of Ohrid. We don’t usually stay in a hotel, but we got an off-season rate of 430 USD, a month, for this lovely room, that has a double bed, a kitchenette, a bath, a balcony with a view of Lake Ohrid, and a small sitting area.

Friday, though it was cool and drizzly, we caught a bus into Ohrid. We didn’t stay out too long but we found a Kam grocery store and the fitness center.




Saturday, we started working out at the Fit Form Fitness Center in Ohrid. The fitness center is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm, and from 4 pm to 10 pm. We have decided to work out, after 4, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The gym equipment is a little older but functions well. The gym is also very crowded, but the staff is attentive, and I think it will suit our needs, while we’re here.

Sunday was a beautiful day and after we had breakfast at Mece’s, a really great restaurant, that is close to our hotel, we took a walk along the lake. There are several hotels along the lake, but right now, it’s the off-season here, and they don’t appear to have many guests. The season here, according to our hosts, doesn’t get into full swing until June. I think we’re going to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this small village, and if we need more to do, we’ll take the bus, which stops in front of our hotel, into Ohrid. I’ll let you know more about Ohrid when we explore the sites, in the upcoming weeks.

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